Fresnel equations & subsurface scattering

Fresnel equations describe the reflection and transmission of rays through an object. In essence, when the rays reach the boundaryof two different objects then  the part of the ray is reflected and part is refracted. I used russian roullette technique which determines either to refract or reflect based on the fresnel transmission coefficient. The working example can be seen at:Fresnel example

Here are some of the results of the rendering with color bleeding and caustic effects:

Reflection and refraction

Subsurface scattering is a mechanism of light transport in which the light penetrates the surface of the translucent object, is scattered by interacting with material, and exits the surface at a different point. I used monte carlo subsurface scattering and absorption technique. Although the results are not quite accurate. The working example can be seen at: Subsurface scatter using monte carlo method

I also tried the sub surface scattering hack from the website:
The results are as follows:

Cool Images produced while trying to do subsurface scattering:

Glossy effect

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